Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yes, I'm still alive. Wish I could say I've been too busy for a post, but that wouldn't be entirely true (although I could make up the excuse). I suppose, if anything, I've been distracted.

While I'd never really say that my mind is 'occupied', it certainly tends to be pre-occupied with what often seem to be unimportant, or at least un-help-able, items.
Unfortunately its really not all that interesting. Least not for a blog. Who wants to read a rant about tax dollars and the education system that, in the end, would really only prove how little I know about the inner-workings of the system that pays my bills? (Clearly these people know what they are doing, right? I mean, they are the EDUCATION system...and part of the government! So they MUST know what is best.)

Now one interesting and not-mad-at-the-world item thats been on my ming is the young Mr. Blair Culver (had I mentioned that? Blair Owen, to be exact. more names that will probably make my family cringe

So far things have been looking pretty good for our newest boy. Even had an echo-cardiogram the other day and got the all clear on heart issues (ordered for two reasons: my sister was born with a heart defect *insert joke* and there are some kidney issues related to heart defects)
He has also been referred to as "wild" which I would certainly agree with . The kid moves a whole lot more than Jules or Joel ever did during their ultrasounds. We may be in for some trouble when this guy comes home.

I still have plans for 'Ask a DB dad', particularly on the religious front like I had teased. Well, its not religious advice, persay, more like 'how to deal with religious stuff' because, to put it simply, just because a Bible quote applies to a situation, it doesn't mean it is automatically comforting. But- but.. it's from THE BIBLE?! Yes, Virginia, but so is the edict not to eat that bacon sandwich you're chowing down on -- we'll talk about this later.

As for now I must go work on this 'grad school' stuff and, apparently, figure out what I "officially" plan to do with my life. I'm being told that making smartass comments, reading comics, thinking about comics and cleaning up poop does not count as a "life plan". Feel free to make suggestions.