Who is this Rivalen?

I am a husband and a teacher, but most importantly I am a father of three. I have one son that keeps me busy getting himself into danger as most toddlers do, one that was never able to squeeze my finger but will forever keep a grip on my heart, and now, a third son; my little phoenix.

Proving that "those who can't, teach", I am a would-be writer, a would-be comic, a would-be alcoholic, a would-be penciler, a would-be philosopher, a would-be band manager, ... the list goes on. But hey, maybe I'm just a really late bloomer.

I give notice that this is an honest place. It is a place for me to 'get it out'; to deal with things and try to get a handle on life. Why not a diary, you ask? Yes, I write for myself, but I also write because I like to read: I like what I get out of reading. So I make it public not just to sate my attention-whore personality, but just in case someone out there, some day, might get something out of what I have to say.

Ooooh, that rhymed.